Sobering Tents Provided for Drunk and Disorderly Fans at 2022 World Cup Qatar

There are just fifty days until the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which is projected to draw more than 2.5 million people.

Sobering Tents Provided for Drunk and Disorderly Fans at 2022 World Cup Qatar

Those who have drunk too much alcohol during the World Cup will be transported to “sobering tents” in Qatar.

Fans who are involved in “minor incidents” will be sent to “sobering tents” for aid. Individuals shall be held accountable for the consequences of these measures, both for themselves and for others.

According to FIFA’s mandate, Qatar would not be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages during the World Cup. Fans will be able to consume alcoholic drinks both “before kickoff” and “after the final whistle.”

It has been speculated that “sobering tents” will be accessible to inebriated spectators at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Fans involved in “minor disturbances” or who constitute a threat to themselves or others will be kept in “sobering tents,” also known as “tents of contemplation.”

Given that anyone discovered drinking in public may face jail terms, the “sobering tents” are considered as Qatar’s “soft” attitude toward drunken spectators, given that anyone caught drinking in public may face prison sentences.

According to the Times, the sobriety tents will give an alternative to the practice of detaining participants for drunkenness.

After being brought to the tents, the supporters will remain there until officials determine if they can be trusted to behave in a more acceptable manner.

They will be issued a formal warning, followed by a smack on the wrist, before being released once they have had a chance to sober up.

Newcastle, Bristol, Manchester, and Cardiff are just a few examples of cities that have adopted similar techniques to cope with severely inebriated individuals.

However, the phrase “drunk tanks” accurately describes what they are. According to the National Health Service, “drunk tanks” are facilities where partygoers who have taken too much alcohol may be examined and given a secure space to sober up in a safe environment.

Patients are regularly treated in “drunk tanks” at the United Kingdom’s congested emergency care facilities.

“Drunk tanks” are especially useful during the holiday season due to the heavy usage of alcoholic drinks that is typical of Christmas gatherings.

The event in Qatar is projected to draw more than 2.5 million visitors. The vast bulk of those will be foreign visitors.

Traveling fans will almost certainly get into the habit of drinking excessively on game days. As a result, the Qatari government’s stance on alcoholic drinks may surprise people.

In contrast, the Fan Zone has 40,000 comfy chairs where spectators can relax with a beverage while watching sports on a large screen.

Budweiser, a long-time FIFA sponsor, will be offered at the Fan Zone, which will be positioned near the Corniche in Al Bidda Park.

According to a source familiar with the preparations, beer kiosks will begin operating around stadiums when gates open for a match and will remain open until thirty minutes before the start of each game.

According to the insider’s understanding, the stands will reopen for a limited amount of time following the game. Attendees will be able to consume alcohol-free Bud Zero at the matches.

Coca-Cola, another key sponsor, has pledged to provide solely non-alcoholic beverages at all eight stadiums for the first-ever World Cup to be held in a Muslim-majority country.

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