Shakira “won’t perform” at the World Cup Opening Ceremony in Qatar

The 20th FIFA World Cup, whichis going to happen in Qatar, will have its opening ceremony on November 20. Qatar is hosting this year’s tournament.

Shakira world cup opening ceremony

World-famous singers frequently perform at the event, and the songs that they write that are inspired by the World Cup eventually become standards. Take Shakira’s “Waka Waka,” an international sensation in 2010.

On the other hand, several musicians decided not to participate in the opening ceremony in order to show their opposition to the World Cup happening in Qatar.

Dua Lipa and Rod Stewart are just two mentions of well-known persons who turned down the offer.

The Colombian singer Shakira, whose attendance at the World Cup in Qatar was the subject of mockery on the internet, has been through her fair share of challenges in her life.

It was just a few days before the commencement of the World Cup when it was claimed that Shakira made the decision at the very last minute that she did not want to perform.

Adriana Dorronsoro mentioned on the show that Shakira “will not perform in the opening ceremony,” but “they won’t reveal if she will have another role throughout the World Cup.”

Sandra Aladro, who is also a contributor to the Telecinco show, mentioned that she had a conversation with the band’s backers.

The medias have confirmed that she will not be making an appearance. Aladro didn’t hesitate for very long before he joined in the fun.

When organizer invited her, she found herself in the position of having to instead compose an apology letter.

Shakira’s decision to pull out of the lineup of performers for the Fifa World Cup opening ceremony was a letdown for her legion of devoted followers.

According to Marca Magazine, the musician known for her Waka Waka will not be present at the event because he is dealing with personal issues.

According to the Spanish news agency, the remark was made during an episode of the show titled “El programa de Ana Rosa.” It has been reported that the Colombian musician has pulled out of the most important football tournament in the world.

Adriana Dorronsoro claims that they informed her that Shakira will not be singing during the opening ceremony of the World Cup. However, they did not disclose whether or not she will have another part throughout the event. Adriana Dorronsoro is a journalist.

After communicating with members of Shakira’s security team, Sandra Aladro, who also works on the Telecinco show, vouched for the accuracy of the information.

Aladro claims that they conveyed to him the news that she would not be appearing in the performance. She was meant to be there as a guest, but she must now deliver a statement in which she explains what occurred because she missed the event.

Shakira has previously set the stage ablaze at the beginning of this renowned event on three separate occasions, namely in 2006, 2010, and 2014.