Qatar Media Portal will Serve the Fans Ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022

DOHA: The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) has launched the Qatar Media Portal, a new digital platform that will provide media and broadcasters covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 with access to a wealth of resources compiled by the Host Country to assist them in running their operations throughout the tournament. These resources have been compiled to help the media and broadcasters run their operations more efficiently.

Qatar Media Portal launched ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022

Through the use of the brand-new website, individuals have the opportunity to submit requests for a variety of different things, including interviews with members of the SC and officials from the government, studio rentals, and media tours.

On the website, all professionals working in the media and broadcasting who will be attending the event may receive their Hayya admission permits as well as authorisation to film and photograph (both Host Country-Accredited Media and FIFA-Accredited Media and FIFA MRLs and NRHs).

Additionally, the website makes it possible for journalists who are not recognized by FIFA to obtain credentials for the host nation and makes the clearance process for hand-carried equipment more straightforward (excluding drones).

Users who have registered for the site will have access to a video and image collection that will serve as an invaluable resource for media and broadcast professionals working in Qatar both during the event and after it has concluded.

According to Fatma Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of Communications and Journalists at SC, the Qatar Journalists Portal is going to be an extremely helpful tool for international reporters, broadcasters, and digital influencers who will be covering the first FIFA World Cup to be held in our area. We anticipate meeting hundreds of journalists, videographers, and editors from across the world who will be in Qatar for the tournament, and we are excited about the opportunity to present the best of our country to them.

It is predicted that Qatar 2022 would be attended by hundreds of media and broadcasting professionals, the majority of whom will hold credentials from the hosting country. The media in the host nation will be able to focus not just on FIFA-Accredited Media, FIFA MRLs, and FIFA NRHs, but also on the social and cultural backdrop of the tournament, local news and events, and development goals, particularly those related to the legacy of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Despite the fact that they will not be allowed to enter FIFA World CupTM stadiums, training sites, the Main Media Centre, or the International Broadcast Centre, media with host-country accreditation will have access to world-class media facilities such as the Host Country Media Centre in Msheireb Downtown Doha and convenient broadcast studios. In addition, they will not be permitted to enter the Main Media Centre or the International Broadcast Centre.

After receiving approval, FIFA-Accredited Media, FIFA MRLs, and NRHs will be given Host Country Upgrade Passes. These passes will allow the holders access to the FIFA Fan Festival and the Host Country Media Center in Doha, in addition to acting as their official filming and photographing license while they are in the city.

During the duration of the competition, complimentary bus transportation will be provided for all workers of broadcasting and media outlets.

Journalists, radio and television stations, and other media outlets are warmly encouraged to sign up for the website and immediately begin making use of the platform’s myriad of capabilities.

Before submitting a request for access to the Qatar Media Portal, those who are awaiting FIFA Media or FIFA MRLs/NRH credentials should wait for a response from FIFA.

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